Groundwater resources

Analytical solutions for groundwater flow problems
Groundwater flow simulation models

The groundwater flow models developed by and for the district incorporate the McDonald and Harbaugh (1988) modular, three-dimensional, finite-difference, groundwater flow model (MODFLOW) developed for the USGS. A number of criteria were considered in selecting MODFLOW. The ability to account for multiple aquifers and semiconfining units was a primary consideration. This ability was necessary to account for the interaction between the aquifers that comprise the Floridan aquifer system as well as the interaction between the Floridan aquifer system and the overlying surficial aquifer system. Other essential requirements included the ability to account for heterogeneity in the physical properties of the aquifers and semiconfining units of the Floridan aquifer system and of the upper confining unit; and the ability to represent complex lateral boundary conditions. In addition to meeting all of these criteria, MODFLOW is well documented and has been applied successfully in numerous other groundwater modeling studies.

Hydrogeologic Information System

The Hydrogeologic Information System provides data related to groundwater resources, including borehole geophysical well logs, lithologic well logs, hydrogeologic surfaces, borehole video logs and potentiometric surface maps.