Rainfall dashboard

Daily: 0.06
Monthly: 8.42
Yearly: 53.08

The yearly amount
is a rolling,
cumulative for the
previous 365 days

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Map showing a lake Jesup project

Lake Jesup

Pilot project deploys a mobile algal harvesting unit on a barge to remove algae and suspended solids from points around the lake.

Woman standing waist-deep in Lake Apopka

Lake Apopka

Ongoing restoration work and new projects are improving the health of this central Florida lake, as seen through expanded coverage of aquatic grasses, increases in gamefish and improving water clarity.

A map of the Black Creek Water Resource Development recharge area location on Camp Blanding

Black Creek Water Resource Development Project

Project will help to replenish the Floridan aquifer in northeast Florida using flow from the flood-prone Black Creek in Clay County.

Sparse lily pads in Lake Griffin

Emeralda Marsh peat removal

Project will help improve water quality by removing nutrients built up in peat in Area 5 of the property, as part of the District’s work to continue to restore Lake Griffin.